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Directed by Rod Goddard

A Comedy by David Tristram

Eve is 24 and never been kissed (well not passionately anyway). Bill is 35, rich, alcoholic and with the sex drive of an adolescent bull on steroids. Eve is engaged to Neville. Bill is married to Jenny. Jenny is having an affair with Jeremy, but she remains utterly devoted to her husband’s cheque book.
Miles is Bill’s best friend. Or at least he was, before he discovered Bill’s underpants hanging from the lightshade in the bedroom. Then there’s Father Tomlin. At least he’s taken a lifelong vow of celibacy. Or so his daughter claims………
Original Sin? It seems there’s nothing very original about it any more……….

The Cast

Bill – Chris Sturmey

Jenny – Stella Hutchinson

Eve = Anna Filipowicz

Miles – Eddie Bradbury

Neville – Thomas McKenna

Father Tomlin – Anthony Wright

Production Team

Set Building – D.L.T. Members

Set Design – John Carroll

Theatre Artist – Tracy Ireland

Wardrobe Manager – Marion Hurst

Lighting Design – Tony Birch

Lighting Operative – Marilyn Poulton

Sound Design – Peter Helm

Sound Operative – Julie Jones

Stage Manager – Hazel Phillips

Properties – Jed Finnigan

Continuity – Dot Hynes

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