A play by Bernard Shaw
Directed by Ken Redfern

“You see this creature with her kerbstone English… Well sir, in three months I could pass that girl off as a duchess…” So begins Henry Higgins’ linguistic project to transform Eliza Dolittle’s speech. But he hadn’t bargained on Eliza’s feisty character…

The Cast
Clara Eynesford-Hill – Amy Evans
Mrs Eynesford-Hill – Jackie Hall
Freddy Eynesford-Hill – Luke Kershaw
Eliza Doolittle – Tracey Parker
Colonel Pickering – Andre Bellemarre
Henry Higgins – Ian Chatterton
Mrs Pearce – Hazel Phillips
Alfred Doolittle – Kevin Siddall
Mrs Higgins – Norma Raif
Hostess & Bystander – Dot Hynes
Bystander & Neppomuck – Mike Jordan
Parlourmaid & Costermonger – Chelsie Travis

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Production Team
Set Building – D.L.T. members
Set Design – Tony Birch
Theatre Artist – Tracy Ireland
Wardrobe Manager – Marion Hurst
Seamstress – Kath Birch
Wig Dressing – Peter Stanton
Lighting Design – Tony Birch
Lighting Operative – Claire Hutchinson
Sound Design – Angela Kemp
Sound Operative – Angela Kemp
Stage Manager – Stella Hutchinson
Properties – Connie Brooksbank, Jed Finnigan
Continuity – Dorothy Wilkinson

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