Two One-Act plays
Some Mother’s Son by Mark Rees
Directed by Kirsty Griffiths
When a murder is committed by a soldier in the line, a captain is sent to a casualty clearing station to investigate. The murderer convinces a young private, who is on his deathbed, to take the rap for him. A young nurse finds out the truth but isn’t sure what to do. A tale with twists and turns set against a backdrop of the carnage of war.

Lucy – Ruby Sacofsky
The Sister – Michelle Sutton-Cooke
The Matron – Dot Hynes
Nurse 1 – Amy Evans
Nurse 2 – Jackie Hall
The Corporal – Ian Chatterton
The Private – Joeseph Griffiths-Holland
The Captain & The Blind Soldier – Christopher Thomas

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The Box of Tricks by Ric Brady and Stephen M Hornby
Directed by Peter Larkin/Norma Raif
Mike returns home for his estranged brother’s funeral. They had been as close as two brothers can be, but something happened and Mike is refusing to even carry his coffin. Mike finds his brother’s Box of Tricks and learns the truth about the past. But is the truth enough?

Mike – Nick Worthington
Karl – Daniel Cope
Pat – Sue Stagg

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Set Building – D.L.T. Members
Set Design – Tracy Ireland & Tony Birch
Wardrobe Manager – Marion Hurst
Lighting Design – Tony Birch
Lighting Operative – Lorraine Benabdelmoumene
Sound Design – Denise Blair & Angela Kemp
Sound Operative – Denise Blair & Angela Kemp
Stage Manager – Connie Brooksbank
Continuity – Jean Nicholson & Mike Jordan

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