0108) Death by Design web

Directed by Hazel Phillips

A Comedy with Murder by Rob Urbinati

Edward and Sorel Bennett have had yet another row, in the fallout of their latest London opening, and have chased each other to their country house, to the irritated surprise of their maid and chauffeur.  The lovebirds are soon joined by a cacophony of guests with interestingly constellated mutual resentments, including conservative politician Walter Pearce, leftist radical Eric, and bohemian artist/dancer Victoria Van Roth. By the time there’s a body to contend with, everyone in residence has expressed multiple murderous motives.

The Cast

Bridgit – Connie Brooksbank
Jack – Alastair Jack
Edward Bennett – Richard Parker
Sorel Bennett – Stella Hutchinson
Walter Pearce – Peter Larkin
Eric – Kyle Hyde
Victoria Van Roth – Jackie Hall
Alice – Amy Hall

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Production Team

Set Building – D.L.T. members
Set Design – Steve Hyde
Theatre Artist – Tracy Ireland
Wardrobe Manager – Marion Hurst
Lighting Design – Tony Birch
Lighting Operative – Claire Hutchinson
Sound Design – David Brodie
Sound Operative – Angela Kemp
Stage Manager – Marilyn Poulton
Properties – Lorraine Benabdelmoumene
Continuity – Dot Hynes

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