Droylsden Little Theatre - Upcoming Productions

Pygmalion - Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th January 2018

A play by Bernard Shaw
Directed by Ken Redfern

“You see this creature with her kerbstone English… Well sir, in three months I could pass that girl off as a duchess…” So begins Henry Higgins’ linguistic project to transform Eliza Dolittle’s speech. But he hadn’t bargained on Eliza’s feisty character…

Booking commences 11th January
Box office 0161 370 7713

The Lady in the Van - Monday 12th to Saturday 17th March 2018

A comedy by Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett draws from his memoirs to offer a dramatized account of the genteel vagrant, Miss Shepard, who parked her van in his driveway for fifteen years. Maggie Smith starred in London’s West End.

Booking commences 1st March
Box office 0161 370 7713

Spring and Port Wine - Monday 14th to Saturday 19th May 2018

A comedy by Bill Naughton
Directed by Dorothy Wilkinson

Rafe Crompton is not a stern man but has such unswerving integrity that his family is forced to hide slight peccadilloes from him. His daughter Hilda particularly resents this and her refusal to eat a herring which is placed before her at dinner makes the situation explosive.

Booking commences 3rd May
Box office 0161 370 7713

Some Mother’s Son and The Box of Tricks - Monday 02nd to Saturday 07th July 2018

Two One-Act plays
Some Mother’s Son by Mark Rees
Directed by Kirsty Griffiths
When a murder is committed by a soldier in the line, a captain is sent to a casualty clearing station to investigate. The murderer convinces a young private, who is on his deathbed, to take the rap for him. A young nurse finds out the truth but isn’t sure what to do. A tale with twists and turns set against a backdrop of the carnage of war.

The Box of Tricks by Ric Brady and Stephen M Hornby
Directed by Peter Larkin
Mike returns home for his estranged brother’s funeral. They had been as close as two brothers can be, but something happened and Mike is refusing to even carry his coffin. Mike finds his brother’s Box of Tricks and learns the truth about the past. But is the truth enough?

Booking commences 21st June 19.30 p.m.
Box office 0161 370 7713

For tickets and booking information, please contact our Ticket Secretary, Phil Harrison using the information on the contact us page.

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